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Photographs by PIERRE YVES GINET / Taïga
February, 1st - March 8th 2003. Ten young women, old from 22 to 28 years old, accompanied by two boys, all resulting from the "hot" districts, started a walk across France with a strong slogan, "neither bitch, nor submissive". This movement is born from the Women's General States of districts, in the Sorbonne (in January 2002). They started from Vitry-Sur-Seine, where Sohane, 17 years old, was burnt sharp in front of a dustbins room. They finished their walk in Paris on march, 8th, 2003, for the great manifestation, the "day of the woman". more...
France - 56 images - added April 2003
Photographs by HANAN ISACHAR / Taïga
Few days before the Passover, our photographer, Hanan Isachar, carried out a report on ceremonies and rituals in the Holy Land of Israel. During several months, Hanan take pictures of many ceremonies, pilgrimages and popular customers which proceed everywhere on this Holy Land, where all the religions are mix. From Jerusalem to Nazareth, while passing by Mount of Olives or Mount Garizim, one discovers splendid festivals: the Holy Week, Palm Sunday, Passover, the festival of Souccote, the procession of Purim; more ...
Israel - 50 images - Added April 2003
Photographs by SARA TERRY / Taïga
They wear pink, they carry pink umbrellas, they hold pink flowers, and they hand out pink buttons – all in the name of peace. They are the women of Code Pink, a grass-roots movement that has swept across the United States – and to Europe – in opposition to the war in Iraq. In recent months, they have marched in demonstrations, descended on the offices of U.S. senators, and held a months-long vigil in front of the White House. Their name, Code Pink, is a play on George Bush’s Code Red security warning system – and stands for compassion, caring and love; more ...
USA - 29 images - Added April 2003
Photographs by GILLES CRAMPES / Taïga
In the evening, transsexuals from Brazil, Peru, North Africa, Israel, Spain, Russia, and Tahiti ceremoniously prepare their gala outfits to last them throughout the night. As if to forget the discriminatory insults they are subject to, they wear high heels, strass, and excessive makeup in order to become singers, dancers, or entertainers in very private parties. Queens for a day, as Brigitte Bardot or Gina Lollobrigida in highly enticing skin-tight dresses, alluring cleavages, or transparent skirts, these unconventional beauties give these soirées a hysterical ambiance; more ...
France - 20 images - Added March 2003
Photographs by OLIVIER PAPEGNIES / Taïga
Thirty years ago, the Paris Act was signed, putting an end to the Vietnam War. It is one of the most dangerous chemicals. Dioxin, the content in agent orange spread over South Vietnam by the American army between 1961 and 1971, which is held responsible for a multitude of congenital malformations.Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese are still suffering, three generations after. The United States of America have never recognised this suffer and not even given a single dollar as compensation for war damages.
- 24 images - added March 2003
Photographs by JASON TAYLOR / Taïga
By now everyone has heard the story: caviar is hot. Since the end of the Soviet Union sturgeon stocks in the Caspian have been quickly whittled down by unscrupilous poachers controlled by gun-wielding gangsters. The fish itself, one of the oldest creatures on earth, is now in real danger of extinction. Iran is the only Caspian state that is not facing restriction by international agencies because its system for managing sturgeon to maintain stocks is considered relatively effective.
- 28 images - added March 2003
Photographs by ULRIK JANTZEN / Taïga
The hospital OUH (Odense University Hospital) in Odense, Denmark, has one of the largest departments for early-born babies in my country. It is a place, where life and death are constantly present. This feature describes the universe of hope and faith at the hospital where mothers give birth to children, who have to struggle their way into life. Most of the extremely early deliveries ends up with a caesarian to protect both the mother and the child. more ...
- 24 images - added March 2003
Photographs by SARA TERRY / Taïga
When a few residents of this small desert town – home to a military base that houses 15,000 U.S. Marines -- decided to organize a peace vigil, they didn’t know whether to expect ten people or 100.They wound up with 100 or so demonstrators – but not all of them came to protest for peace. Instead, a group of about 40 local residents who heard about the one-hour peace vigil to be held on the sidewalk in front of city hall, organized an impromptu counter-protest, lining up across the street to show their support for President Bush; more ...
- 15 images - added March 2003
Photographs by CARLOS LUJAN / Taïga
We all know what is a bullfigther, but where do they come from? A long time ago the spontaneous were jumping in the arena, risking their lives for one instant of glory to draw the attention of a bullfight manager.Today all these boys and girls have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their value. Now private and subsidized schools are teaching the practice and the theory of the art of the bullfight. more...
Spain - 35 images - added March 2003

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